Who is Sean Cronin and What is a “Jumping Chair”?

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Sean Cronin’s Very Good is a band unlike all others. The members of this imagination-filled collective are crusaders for the new reign of passivity and focus on the age-old concept of showing things without actually saying them. The band may seem at first, to be elusive and secretive with the mission behind their music, but they like it that way. They create a sense of wonder that can only, truly be ceased when watching them perform live. I guarantee my chat with Sean won’t unveil the mystery for you. In fact, it may create more. But that’s what life’s all about, right?

“My ‘solo’ career as it exists within the band Very Good began in about 2006, when I started writing songs with lyrics again,” Sean began to explain how his love for music was initially sparked. “I hadn’t really written songs like that since high school when I played in…

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Tarik Abouzied & Happy Orchestra

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Hailing from the Emerald City, better known as Seattle, Tarik Abouzied is a musical wizard with so much to share. Speaking with him about his craft as a instrumentalist and the industry in general, is as refreshing as meeting up with an old friend at your favorite coffee shop. The passion exudes from his every word and you can tell music isn’t just a hobby, or career for him; it’s a lifestyle. He’s a performer with a vast collection of albums in his repertoire. He’s a teacher for universities, high schools and middle schools across the country. And here, in this interview, he’s a man who gets the chance to tell his story.

“I was drawn to instruments and playing music all through my childhood. My family moved around a lot, taking me to a different school every year or two until high school, so I think music became something that lent…

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